Go... deeper.

Regardless of how much I think I know, there’s always more to learn, and my lessons with Stacey Vargas this week at the Pilates Institute of Southern California, taught me just that.  Lucky for me, Stacey is a graduate student in Cara Reeser’s, Kathy Grant Heritage Training® program this year, and as a result, I get to learn 2nd generation Pilates instruction, that Joseph Pilates taught Kathy Grant, that Ms. Grant taught Cara Reeser, that Ms. Reeser taught Stacey Vargas, and that Ms. Vargas is teaching me!  I feel like a kid in a candy shop learning these sweet tricks of the trade, and I can already tell they’re a game changer for me.  Just when I get to a place in my practice where I think I’ve perfected an exercise, I learn archival information, such as this, and I experience delightful “ah-ha” moments, left and right.  Us Pilates aficionados cherish those delicious moments when we’ve discovered something in an exercise and think, “oohhh that’s how its supposed to feel!”  In my five years of dedicated practice, I know I’ve developed a deeper understanding of an exercise, in its proper form, when it FEELS GOOD, and when LESS EXERTION IS NEEDED TO GAIN THE BENEFIT.  New isn’t necessarily better!  If you've reached a point in your practice, where you feel like you've gained perfection, and are getting bored, congratulate yourself on a job well done, and then take yourself to the next level of understanding.  Seeking to understand “what is,” rather than trying to "change it," no matter what you’re dealing with in life, is where the deepest excitement, growth, and change occurs.  TIP FOR TODAY:  don't seek to change something, seek to understand it, with specificity.  Go deeper and uncover the treasures that await.  If you do that, I promise, you'll never get bored!